A VPN (virtual private network) allows you to anonymous and encrypted browsing sessions over any network connection. It is effectively a server that you connect to from your computer that acts as an extra layer/mask. This means any website that you visit will see the server as the source and not your device/computer. In a time where we are sending more data online and companies are storing and analysing more a VPN is a great way to protect both your privacy and security.

Virtual Private Network Features


Secure Internet Access

Connect to the Internet with peace of mind knowing that you are shielded Our VPN service will mask your IP and secure your connection which is especially useful when accessing public Wi-Fi.


Protect Your Identity

In 2021 protecting your identity is vital. The Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma was a big wake up call as to just how much data companies are collecting. Protect your data today.


Stream Without Limitations

Our VPN works perfectly for video streaming. We offer lightning fast speeds that result in easy browsing and no more buffering or long waits. Better use the websites you know and love.

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