Service Price List

A Comprehensive List of Our Services

There is more to UK-US than just hosting. Our brilliant team of support engineers are on hand to help you through with our web services. Whilst we cannot list everything we can help with, we have listed below some of the areas we can help. Installations, fault finding, or anything else, just ask our team.

If you cannot see a service, or something not listed below, please get in touch and discuss with our team and we will be happy to try and help.

Experienced development team

All software installed securely

Services are processed quickly

Fast completion time frames

Additional security steps applied

Complete satisfaction guarantee

Software Installation

Fast turnaround time installation usually means we can install most CMS based software within 12 hours. Below we have listed the common software installation tasks we undertake, but not we are not limited to this range.


Installed within 24 hours


Installed within 24 hours


Installed within 24 hours


Installed within 24 hours

Development Service Pricing:

Moving beyond installation services, we can help with a vast range of services around migration, fault repair, website optimization but to name a few services we offer. Again, if you are not sure, please get in touch.

Service Time Frame Price Order
Website Migration to New Server 48 Hours £39.99 GBP Order Today
Help Setup Email Client Access 24 Hours £9.99 GBP Order Today
Remove Malware from Server 48 Hours £49.99 GBP Order Today
Secure Server from Vulnerabilities 72 Hours £44.99 GBP Order Today
WordPress Software Installation 24 Hours £9.99 GBP Order Today
Joomla Software Installation 24 Hours £9.99 GBP Order Today
Drupal Software Installation 24 Hours £9.99 GBP Order Today
Forum Software Installation 24 Hours £9.99 GBP Order Today

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you make an informed decision, we've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions relating to the products and services listed on this page.

If you can't find the answer to your question or if you would like more information about it, please feel free to contact us at any time and we'll be happy to help you.

Submit Your Questions
Yes, all our products and services come with 24 hour support. Our email and ticket system is available from the client area, where one of our technicians will respond to your request.
Yes, if for any reason you are not happy with the service you are receiving, we will offer a refund for the service with no question asked. There are no contracts to tie you down. That is our promise to you.
Our web hosting service can be tested for free via one of our trial sites, so if you need to test your software or the performance of our servers, please let us know and we will set this up for you for a 48 hour trial free of charge. This does not apply to our web design services.
Yes, we strive to have all services up and running within 24 hours, usually within 2 hours, but some services such as domain registration can take up to 24 hours.

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