Web Design

On-line stores, blogs, forums, personal web sites, club web sites, you name it we have made them for our clients.  We don't believe that web sites should be a complex or expensive process when it does not need to be.  We have seen many other design companies design sites which are far too complex or even worse, clearly not up to the task in hand.  That's why we work very closely with you to decide on the end goal for your web project and make sure we all understand the task in hand and deliver within budget.

We have designed sites from scratch for clients who let us decide on the look, feel and format of the site.  We have had clients who have a clear idea of what they need and we work to their demands and goals.  The choice is really yours.

E-Commerce/On-line Stores -  We have made many online stores for clients ranging from the simple to the highly complex.  Prestashop is our preferred software of choice as it lends itself to cover all aspects of e-commerce.  We can supply an out of the box solution which means you can trade within a few hours, or a far more complex, custom project if that is required.  Again, the choice is yours.

Installations and Server Setup

Many clients who are new to web projects or simply do not have the time to setup software for their web projects have used UK-US.  We can install forums, chat rooms, scripts of all types and functions.  E-mail setup. Picture Galleries.  If you need help - then we can help you achieve your goal.


Many people ask us "How much for a web site?".  Clearly this not a straight forward question to answer.  It always depends on your requirements, but we do understand people need to know the potential costs.  So to that end, below are some guide pricing for more common tasks we have taken on.  Please remember these are only guidelines, and we would discuss any project in detail before quoting.  Starting pricing normal depicts basic install, with some low level customizations.

Extra Help We Offer

We can happily help you understand how search engines work and how you can help yourself to free ways of reaching the top of sites such as Google.  Ask us, and we would be happy to give your a independent view on what would work for you.  We do not work in this field, so we have no service as such - but we know how the Internet works and would be happy to share our opinion for your site.