History of UK-US

UK-US was formed in 2006 by a great group of girls and guys from the world of gaming.  UK-US Multi-Gaming Clan was a group of worldwide gaming addicts started by five founders based in the UK and the USA - hence the name.  As the online gaming scene exploded with a huge array of games coming on to the market, UK-US also grew too.  At it's peak it had some 250+ members worldwide gaming using our hardware.

As founders we supplied gaming servers and voice servers to ensure UK-US gave it's members the very best gaming experience using the latest hardware and partnering with the best in server data centers.  This naturally lead to UK-US developing great experience with all aspects of customer service, support and providing the hardware and the software to ensure UK-US members had everything they needed to enjoy their gaming experience.  

Web Design soon followed, and many groups from the gaming sector asked UK-US to supply servers, and design web site for their members - and UK-US Hosting was born.  UK-US Multi-Gaming Clan still continues today to be one of the most well known and respected gaming communities that exist today.

Our Network

Our servers are based in London, UK and Orlando, Florida to service both UK and US customer. (You see what we did there?)  We ensure we partner with the best hardware and software suppliers who gives us remarkable up-time, and super fast servers.  Full power back ups, environmentally controlled server rooms ensure we leave nothing to chance.  Technically superior, but as a UK-US customer, who you need to know is that our servers are great!

Our Mission

UK-US strive to give all of it's customers the best service we can offer.  We try and keep things very simple with our hosting plans, and our web design options.  We have standard hosting and design packages which we offer, but our real strength is to work with our customers to understand their needs and give them exactly we they want.  

We are not frightened to say "Sorry we cannot help", but we will always try to make sure we fit to our customers, not make customers fit to us.  Our team has vast knowledge, and along with our community forums we will always try are hardest to work for you and develop the solutions for your online experience.

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions can found <a href="page://   3:terms">here</a>.  We strongly advise all our customer to read these prior to signing up our service.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

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