Who are we and what do we do?

UK-US Hosting has been offering hosting solutions since 2012. Our aim has always been to offer a personal service, with the highest quality hardware, backed up with expertise.

We started off in in the late 2000's offering gaming servers for the expanding on-line gaming community. Offering voice and game servers, we also developed into offering website designs, forums and other community pages based around the gaming community. Notoriously demanding, our hardware had to match the equally demanding clients. Geographically varied, we had to be available to ensure our clients received what they needed, when they needed it. This still remains our core value today,

CloudSave Data Center

The lates hardware remains at the heart of what we do.

Personal Support

We simply offer a personal service, always available, always listening.

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Our Values

We simply offer a personal service, always available, always listening.


This is our biggest asset. We want to be know as a quality partner to all our customers. Since 2012, we have aimed to be THE web host of choice. Actions speak louder than words, so try us yourself and see.


All of our servers are highly maintained, and we never oversell our resources. Our load balancing, high end servers ensure that you never run out of power. If we see you getting close, we simply increase what is needed.


The latest statistics on our server uptime was 98.67% (Based on November 2018 to November 2019. Reliability is as important to us as it is to you. Our own assets are run our on own servers, we need to know they are working.


Feature rich services come as standard. We believe we give you all that will need and more to run your on-line project. If there something you need, just ask the team.


It is not all about price with UK-US Hosting, it is about how much we value your time. We know that you need to have a reliable service, but not pay sky high prices for it.


Our security advice is outsourced as we seek expert advice from those in the know. We monitor all websites for flaws, and help clients solve, protect and thrive on-line.

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